Protecting Critical Assets

To keep pace with today’s dynamic and increasingly sophisticated cyber threat environment, [we] must take decisive steps to modernize [our] approach to cybersecurity” • Executive Order 14028

Protecting Mission Critical Assets and Achieving Cyber Resiliency is your Top Priority


To resist against present and future cyber threats, forward-looking leaders have to invest in 3 core areas: Verification, Visibility, and Velocity

Compliance Verification

Organizations have to separate control from monitoring by evaluating the impact of proposed changes to policies and configurations using an independent policy review process. Compliance teams should be equipped with best-in-class solutions to automate the audit and analysis process. A risk assessment framework should be adopted to align cybersecurity controls for everyone.

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Cybersecurity Visibility

80% of organizations lack the network visibility they need to understand the assets they have to defend. The solution is to invest in an architecture review by building an accurate network topology and documenting network configuration. In addition, organization should automate network risk assessment to accelerate adoption of controls and best practices.

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Operational Velocity

Point-in-time assessments are no longer sufficient to address today’s cyber attacks. Organizations should invest in continuous configuration monitoring in order to reduce their risk profile faster. In addition, they should provide their incident response team access with detailed visibility over the network topology, critical asset exposure, and network connectivity history.

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What is cyber resiliency?

Cyber resiliency is the ability to anticipate, withstand, recover from,
and adapt to adverse conditions, stresses, attacks, or compromises on cyber resources. A cyber resilient organization can keep operating under threat by understanding risk exposure while creating a faster more efficient response to cyber attacks. » Learn more

Why is cyber resiliency important?

Our dependency on cyber systems keeps increasing, which makes critical cyber assets a target of choice. Moreover, cyberthreats are becoming more sophisticated and disruptive. Business leaders need to realize that it is not an IF they are going to be compromised, but a WHEN. » Learn more

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