4. Configuration NP-Live

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Configure HTTPS

NP-Live listens on both port TCP/80 (HTTP) and TCP/443 (HTTPS). For HTTPS, it uses a self-signed SSL certificate by default. Users can also provide their own SSL certificate by simply copying a valid .pem file into the NP-Live db folder.

The following command can be used to generate a valid .pen file:

openssl req -new -x509 -days 365 -nodes -out cert.pem -keyout cert.pem

To learn more about generating your own SSL certificate, please visit https://docs.python.org/2.7/library/ssl.html#self-signed-certificates

Please note that .pem file should include both the private key and the full certificate. If you received the private key and the certificate as two separate files, you can concatenate them into a single .pem file.

Automatic Updates

NP-Live can automatically download new releases and update itself if you select “Automatically check for updates” in the NP-Live update menu. Alternatively, you can update NP-Live offline through the following steps:

  1. Contact the support team to request a link to download the latest release
  2. Copy the release file to the NP-Live server using SCP or WinSCP
  3. Connect to the NP-Live shell using SSH and execute the release file with the command sh NP-Live_server_installer.sh

The Administration functions are available from the upper right menu and are as follows:

License and Terms

The administrator can use this feature to Show, Add or Upgrade NP-View or NP-Live licensing. Additionally, licencing terms and legal disclosures are available from this function.

User Management

NP-Live Only: The administrator can create, manage (rename and reset password) and delete users within the system.  NP-Live has three user groups:

  1. Administrator – Has access to all user, workspace and system administration functions
  2. Standard User – Has access to all user and workspace administration functions
  3. Viewer – Has access to all user functions

Notification Manager : Configure Services

Prior to the notification manager being used to configure rules for delivering alerts, the administrator is required to configure at least one notification service.  Services include e-mail, Taxii, Syslog, and select ticketing systems. The Configuration services function is only available from the Workspaces screen,

Notification Rules

NP-Live can automatically send reports by email for changes and activities impacting your workspaces. Select the user menu (top right corner) and then “Notification management” to setup rules. Rules can be set to precisely choose which activities and events to include in notifications.

Additional Administration Features

Password Reset

If you don’t have an administrator account, contact your administrator who can manually reset your password through the User management window of the user menu (top right corner).

If you have an administrator account, then connect through SSH to the NP-Live server and remove the file db/auth_provider.cfg inside the NP-Live application folder (by default: /opt/np-live).

Refresh the NP-Live web page to show the Welcome screen and reconfigure the authentication.

Personalize the Login Page

To add a custom message to the login page, a NP-Live administrator can edit the file /opt/np-live/docker-compose.yml with the following entry in the webserver environment section: “- banner=Welcome to NP-Live”

For NP-View, the file ~/Documents/NPLive/config.ini can be edited to add: “banner=Welcome to NP-View”

Manual Upload File Size Limit

When users upload a file through the Web user interface, NP-Live and NP-View will enforce a maximum file size which is 200MB by default. To change it, a NP-Live administrator can edit the file /opt/np-live/docker-compose.yml with the following entry in the webserver environment section: “- MAX_IMPORT_SIZE=209715200”

The value is in bytes, so 209715200 corresponds to 200MB.

For NP-View, the file ~/Documents/NPLive/config.ini can be edited to add: MAX_IMPORT_SIZE=209715200

If you have any issue deploying NP-Live or importing your file, please contact the support team at support@network-perception.com

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