Network Architecture Sandbox

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Personas: Network Management Team (Network Engineer, Network Security, Infrastructure)

A network sandbox is an isolated testing environment that aids network engineers and infrastructure managers with evaluation of proposed changes to system configurations, operating system upgrades or hardware replacement without affecting the production network.

Our network modeling platform provides the ability to evaluate proposed changes to network devices by importing modified configuration files, evaluating the changes against policies, best practice, and regulations, and reporting on risks and vulnerabilities. Additionally, changes can be reviewed and compared, paths and connectivity can be analyzed, compliance reports can be run and reviewed. The process is as follows:

  • Create a network device baseline by importing device configuration files into NP-View or NP-Live
  • Define a refresh cadence (e.g., weekly) to import new version of configuration files to ensure the systems are up to date
  • Copy the network baseline and import “test” configuration files into the baseline copy
  • Review ruleset changes (access rules and object groups)
  • Run a path analysis and launch a comparison to review new paths and paths removed


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