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NP Customer Portal

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The Network Perception customer portal is the central location for learning, licensing, and NP software downloads.

Create an account

The user must create an account request using the sign-up form prior to accessing the portal. The username should be a work email address and the password should be an industry standard complex password. Upon approval by the Portal Administrator, the user will have access to the portal features.

Learning about NP-View and NP-Live

The portal home page includes informational sections for both products. Each section includes system requirements and supported devices. Detailed information on the products can be found in the knowledge base.  The link to the knowledge base is on the navigation bar at the top.

Requesting a quote

Users can request a quote for either product using the quote questionnaire.

License keys

If a license key is available to the user, they can download it directly from the portal. A license key is required to enable the software download feature.

Downloading NP-View and NP-Live

Users can check for the latest version of NP-View and NP-Live once licensed.  Prior to licensing, the portal will show a form to schedule an introductory call with the sales team.

File vault

This feature allows users to sanitize configuration files or log files and securely encrypt and upload them to receive technical support.

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