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NP-Live is a security and compliance monitoring platform. It passively analyzes configuration files from firewalls, routers, and switches to generate a visual topology map and to assess security and compliance issues. It can automatically update the network topology map and access path information each time your configurations change, or a network event occur. The main benefits are to:

  • Save time by having NP-Live automatically retrieve and monitor your configuration files.
  • Continuously monitor your firewall configurations to build an accurate picture of your organization network.
  • Increase security by automatically verifying your network security policy and assuring its correct implementation.
  • Gain precise understanding by visually reviewing network changes and understanding their impact.
  • Reduce risks by receiving alerts when access path analysis or topology changes are detected.
  • Save resources by automating your compliance workflow.

Laptop screen showing NP-live network connectivity map and manual reports













Product Comparison

A comparison of key features between NP-View Gen 2 and NP-Live are as follows:

Information for installing NP-Live can be found here

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