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NP-View is a firewall, router and switch audit solution. NP-View works offline and does not connect to anything on the network. NP-View has the following key features:

  • Lightweight: works offline and no installer needed
  • Firewall audit: check rulesets for misconfigurations and vulnerabilities
  • Topology map: generate and export a network diagram
  • Path analysis: detailed connectivity analysis and asset exposure
  • Data exports: generate reports and export data towards Excel


NP-View exists in two versions:

  • NP-View Generation 1 (Java Platform) (general release)
  • NP-View Generation 2 (HTML Platform) (release candidate)

NP-View started with a Java-based user interface.  Since its introduction, a new modern user interface based on Web technologies (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) has been developed and will be available as a general release Q1 of 2021. Both versions of NP-View can be downloaded as standalone applications. The table below provides a comparison between the two versions:

Information for installing NP-View can be found here

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