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Network ports opened by NP-Live

  • TCP/22: SSH server to provide secure console access to the NP-Live server
  • TCP/80: access to NP-Live Web UI through HTTP
  • TCP/443: access to NP-Live Web UI through HTTPS
  • TCP/8080: access to NP-Connect Web UI through HTTP
  • TCP/8443: access to NP-Connect Web UI through HTTPS

NP-View Java

Network ports opened by NP-View

NP-View includes a graphical user interface (GUI) and an engine. The communication between the GUI and the engine is done through two network sockets opened by the engine on the loopback interface only. Those two ports are TCP/5555 and TCP/5556.

Network connections received by NP-View

NP-View only opens port on the local loopback interface and cannot receive network connections from an external host.

Network connections initiated by NP-View

When launched, the GUI will initiate a network connection towards a public NTP server to receive an accurate timestamp. NP-View will default to the local system clock if this connection fails. The GUI will also initiates an HTTPS connection towards https://portal.network-perception.com to check if a software update is available. This behavior can be disabled by unchecking the check for update option in the Preference menu under the Help toolbar. NP-View will also attempt DNS lookup queries with the local DNS server in case dynamic hostnames are found in configuration files imported, or when a user request an IP address lookup operation in the topology map.

NP-View has been designed to run offline, which means that the network connections attempted towards a public NTP server, the local DNS server, and the Network Perception update server are optional and do not affect the tool if the network is unavailable.

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