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Technical support options:

Network Perception is committed to the success of you and your organization. Whether you have a technical question or need assistance with your configuration, NP-Support has you covered.

Technical Support Details

1-5,8,14: Network Perception Standard Support provides rapid access to our expert support team, the NP-Portal and our business-hour phone and email support. Standard users can access our support team from 9am cst to 5pm cst, Mondays-Fridays, excluding holidays. NP-Support will provide acknowledgement of client identified issues within 2 hours. Standard issue triage time to support inquiries for Standard users is 24 hours, and critical issue response is 8 hours. NP-Support will work directly with clients to then provide an overview of the time to resolution.

Critical issue is defined as any product impairment that would cause a significant delay or inability to be responsive, which would have a material adverse consequence to the development, distribution, promotion or sale of the client’s operations.

In addition to Standard Support services, Network Perception’s Premium Support is designed for customers who need more from their service level agreement, including advanced network review and development. Premium users can access our support team from 7am ct to 7pm ct. Standard issue response time to support inquiries for Premium users is 8 hours, and critical issue response is 2 hours.

All customers have 24/7 access to our NP-Portal for general Q&A, as well a detailed overview of configuration and troubleshooting common questions. NP-Portal is the quickest and easiest method to confirm reception into our queue.

A complete breakdown of the details of our support time and available, and terms and conditions can be found under our Terms, Privacy and Eula.

6-7: Network Perception provides online, teleconference and in-person implementation assistance. To inquire further, see the online Knowledge Base or contact a Network Perception representative.

9: Network Perception provides ongoing parser support to all members. Please visit: Continuous Compliance & Security for details.

10: Network Perception provides API Integration support to premium members. Please contact our team for further details.

11: Network Perception provides API Integration support to premium members. Please visit: Connectors for details.

12: Premium Support members may be offered the opportunity to join Network Perception’s Executive Roundtable discussions on product roadmap and upcoming features. The Executive Roundtable brings together the leaders of industry to cooperate, compete, and exchange ideas on how to best serve our customers and their clients.

14: NP Account Managers identify our client’s needs and the larger business objectives that matter to each person and department. We push to articulate what success looks like for a product or solution, and rally a team to turn that vision into a reality. Specific responsibilities vary depending on the size of the organization. Our account managers work to:

  • Understand and represent user needs.
  • Monitor the market and develop competitive analyses.
  • Define a vision for our product.
  • Align stakeholders around the vision for the product.
  • Prioritize product features and capabilities.
  • Create a shared brain across larger teams to empower independent decision making.

15: Network Perception can provide clients with an account overview containing, but not limited to, total number of client users of NP solutions, a breakdown and overview of client identified tickets and bug fix resolutions, NP/client terms of agreements and more.

16: Network Perception offers travel options for consultants to provide support from client locations. Please contact our team for further details.

Contact information:

The Technical Support team is available during business hours (CT) at:

System logs

To aid with system debugging, a “System Logs” function is available on the left menu.  The System Log shows transaction level information and errors for debugging purposes.

  • The Administrator group can see all three logs, System, Workspace and User.
  • The Workspace Admin group can see the Workspace and User logs.
  • The viewer group will not have access to the System Logs function.

Debug logs:

When sending a support ticket, the user has the option to send thee system logs along for debug purposes.

  • NP-View Gen I (Java): use the “Review errors and contact support” option at the bottom of the log tab to sanitize and send the debug logs to the support team.
  • NP-View Gen II (HTML) and NP-Live: use the “Help Center” in the top right user menu.

Note: to securely encrypt and send logs, use the File Vault.


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