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Technical support options:

The team at Network Perception is dedicated to providing the highest quality of technical support through our support process and software updates. Network Perceptions provides two options for technical support.  Standard Support is included with all purchases and Premium Support can be purchased for additions services at an additional cost.

Contact information:

The Technical Support team is available during business hours (CST) at:

System logs

To aid with system debugging, a “System Logs” function is available on the left menu.  The System Log shows transaction level information and errors for debugging purposes.

  • The Administrator group can see all three logs, System, Workspace and User.
  • The Workspace Admin group can see the Workspace and User logs.
  • The viewer group will not have access to the System Logs function.

Debug logs:

When sending a support ticket, the user has the option to send thee system logs along for debug purposes.

  • NP-View Gen I (Java): use the “Review errors and contact support” option at the bottom of the log tab to sanitize and send the debug logs to the support team.
  • NP-View Gen II (HTML) and NP-Live: use the “Help Center” in the top right user menu.

Note: to securely encrypt and send logs, use the File Vault.


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