Upgrading NP-Live

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To upgrade an existing NP-Live server, the steps are:

  1. Download the new release file that the Tech Support team sent you (if you don’t have it, contact support@network-perception.c0m) and copy it onto the NP-Live server using SCP (or WinSCP from a Windows client)
  2. Login onto the NP-Live server using SSH (or Putty from a Windows client)
  3. Get root permissions using the command: sudo -i
  4. Execute the new NP-Live release file using the command: sh NP-Live_installer.sh  (where NP-Live_installer.sh is the name of the new release file downloaded in step 1)
  5. Follow the guided steps of the installer, which will automatically restart NP-Live once the upgrade is complete
  6. Connect to the user interface of NP-Live using your web browser and check in the bottom-left corner of the home page that the version number matches the new release

If an issue occurs during the upgrade, please reach out to the Tech Support team at support@network-perception.c0m.

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