Security Assessment

NP-View and NP-Live include a collection of risk alerts designed through collaboration with security experts to ensure that misconfigurations and vulnerabilities are instantly identified. Each time a change in the network is detected, the risk alert checkers are automatically running over the modified configuration files to report possible issues.

NP-live risk and issue report

Keep an eye on the most important risks

Receive instant alerts when the network changes and monitor for vulnerabilities, as well as accidental and intentional misconfigurations. Automatically prioritize risk events according to network exposure.

Export Security Reports for Every Device

Generate comprehensive security assessment reports and export them in a variety of formats, including HTML and PDF for human review, or CSV, XML, and JSON for third-party tool integration. Export alerts by email or send them to your SIEM through Syslog or to a STIX/TAXII service.

NP Corporate Network Workspace Report Image

Risk alerts included:

Detect overly permissive rules
Report unsecured network protocols
Identify misconfigurations in configuration files
Clean up unused rules and object groups
Import security advisories to check for vulnerabilities

Expand and Customize Risk Alerts

Risk alert checkers can be customized to better fit your needs. Checkers can be disabled and the alert criticalities can be configured. New checkers can be added through a simple API providing access to the data structures maintained by NP-View and NP-Live.

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