Network Perception is a startup incubated at the research park at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and launched in Spring 2013. Founded by a team of researchers who are experts on network security and critical infrastructure protection, Network Perception is developing and launching NP-View.
Understand your network with NP-View


NP-View is a software tool designed to perform an automated and comprehensive network path analysis of firewall and router configurations. Features include:

  • Identification of deviations of firewall rule implementation from network access policy
  • Intuitive user interface and minimal setup time
  • Network topology inference and automated visual map representation of networks
  • Visually understand allowed and denied network paths, assess attack surface and the risks of stepping-stone attacks
  • Enables system administrators to understand and fix security vulnerabilities and misconfigurations due to complex interactions among network devices and distributed, layered policy implementations
  • Specifically tailored to help compliance officers to efficiently prepare for NERC CIP regulations

The tool, originally known as NetAPT, has been deployed in more than 20 electric utilities and is already benefiting the industry to save resources and improve the security of their systems and networks.

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