2. Connectors

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Supported Connectors

NP-Live includes NP-Connect, a utility to automatically retrieve network device configuration files on a schedule. The list of connectors that are currently included with NP-Connect is as follows:

  • Cloud Providers:
    • Amazon AWS
    • Microsoft Azure
  • Configuration Managers (read-only API)
    • Check Point R80
    • ForeScout
    • Fortinet Manager
    • Palo Alto Panorama
    • Solarwinds NCM
    • Tripwire
  • Direct Device Connection (read-only SSH)
    • Cisco ASA
  • Volume Shares
    • SAMBA share
    • SSH share

If you have a system for which you need a connector or if you encounter a technical issue, please contact support@network-perception.com.

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