2. Use Cases

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Are you Prepared to Defend your Critical Assets?

At Network Perception, we have combined a deep expertise of critical asset protection with next-gen technology to guide our customers on a path to cyber resiliency.

  • The journey starts with establishing a clear baseline and verifying that internal risk mitigation controls are followed.
  • Step 2 consists in gaining an accurate visibility of network architecture and cybersecurity posture.
  • Finally, developing a continuous monitoring approach to gain velocity and adapt quickly to disruptions.

Compliance Verification

Verify configurations and network segmentation

#1: Policy Review

  • Easily review firewall access policies and object groups
  • Identify configuration risks automatically
  • Establish configuration change review process

#2: Audit Assistance

  • Verify compliance with cybersecurity regulations and best practices
  • Seamlessly store evidence for compliance review
  • Easily prepare compliance reports

Cybersecurity Visibility

Visualize vulnerability and risk exposure

#3: Architecture Review

  • Visualize an accurate topology of the network architecture
  • Identify and label critical cyber assets and critical network zones
  • Easily review which devices are protecting which network zones

#4: Network Risk Assessment

  • Assess correctness of network segmentation
  • Identify risky network connectivity paths
  • Understand exposure of vulnerable assets

Operational Velocity

Accelerate risk mitigation and recover faster

#5: Continuous Configuration Monitoring

  • Transition from point-in-time to 24/7 risk assessment with automated notification
  • Automate change review process using ticketing system integration and sandboxing
  • Leverage a time machine to navigate through the network evolution

#6: Incident Response Preparation

  • Align network architecture understanding and break silos through a single pane of glass
  • Train first responders and harden defense via realistic attack scenario simulation
  • Prioritize vulnerability mitigation faster

Network Perception has two products.

  • NP-Live: A server-based solution that provides for real-time security and compliance monitoring.  NP-Live includes NP-Connect: a lightweight module that provides real time polling and information update from network devices and network management systems.
  • NP-View: A stand-alone desktop solution primarily used for auditing and offline network analysis.
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