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Personas: Audit Team (Auditor, Compliance Officer, Compliance Analyst) and Consultants

Performing a regular review of your compliance metrics is important for your organization.  Performing the review manually is time consuming and tedious. NP Solutions provide multiple assistants to help verify the compliance of your network. The assistants can be found under Summary Reports on the main menu.

Industry Best Practices (Standard)

The Best Practices assistant will generate a report covering the following topics:

  • Parser Warnings
  • Unused Groups
  • Rules missing a justification
  • Unnamed nodes
  • Rules that have risk alerts
  • ACL’s with no explicit deny by default rule

Workspace Report (Standard)

The Workspace Report assistant will generate a report that includes detailed information about configuration files that were imported and parsed including:

  • Configuration assessment report including risk alerts
  • Ports and Interfaces
  • Rule audit table
  • Object group table
  • Path analysis table

NERC-CIP Compliance (Premium)

This NERC-CIP assistant guides the user through the steps required to create a report covering NERC-CIP 005 but also has additional features to review and validate all of the following requirements:

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