3. Architecture Review

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Architecture review provides the Networking Team (Network Engineer, Network Security) with capabilities that allow for:

  • Visualize an accurate topology of the network architecture
  • Identify and label critical cyber assets and critical network zones
  • Easily review which devices are protecting which network zones

Visualize Topology

NP-View and NP-Live can be used to discover your network topology and the underlying control plane, including layer-2 and layer-3 configurations. Without leaving the topology map, you can review many aspect of the network’s design including Firewalls, Routers, Switches, Gateways, Networks, VPN’s, Hosts and more.

Critical Assets and Zones

Each asset can be tagged with categories and criticalities as well as grouped into zones making it easy to review which devices are protecting which network zones

Details On-demand

Selecting a node in the topology map will interactively display an information panel with detailed data about that node.

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