4. Network Risk Assessment

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Network risk assessment provides the Networking Team and Audit Team with capabilities that allow for:

  • Assess correctness of network segmentation
  • Identify risky network connectivity paths
  • Understand exposure of vulnerable assets

Network Segmentation Correctness

NP-View and NP-Live can be used to verify the correctness of your network segmentation.

The connectivity matrix can be used to verify open ports between devices.

and inbound and outbound connections can be verified for each network.

Identifying Risky Connectivity Paths

Using industry best practices, Network Perception automatically identifies potential risks related to network configurations. Using the Network Perception  Connectivity Path analysis, the user can review each of the highlighted risks and make a judgment on action.

Exposure of Vulnerable Assets

NP-Live provides your security team with a single pane of glass for reviewing network vulnerability exposure. With addition of scanner data or data from a vulnerability data service, Vulnerabilities can be tracked across your network.


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