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Network Perception: April 2021 Spring Release

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The team at Network Perception is proud to launch new quarterly releases of NP-View (Gen1 version 6.2.8 and Gen2 version 2.2) and NP-Live (version 2.2). The new versions include several key improvements including:

  • A new PCI Compliance module preview for select customers.
  • Upgraded workspaces to reflect a specific compliance framework. Compliance-specific categories, auto group and reporting are now customized by compliance type:
    • Best Practice: the default framework that applies for general network and firewall best practices
    • NERC CIP: tailored for NERC auditors and electric utilities to prepare or verify evidence of compliance with NERC CIP standards
    • PCI-DSS: tailored for QSAs, service providers, and merchants handling credit card related regulations
  • Re-designed and improved NP-Connect
  • Improved support for Palo Alto, Check Point, Cisco, and Qualys

For additional information about those changes, please review the change log.

Sign in to the Portal to download the new versions of NP-View and NP-Live. If you are interested in testing the new NP-View Gen2, please join our product preview program.

NP New Product Release

Network Perception: January 2021 Release

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Product Release: 

The team at Network Perception is proud to launch NP-View (version 6.2.4) and NP-Live (version 2.1). The new versions includes several key improvements and fixes, including:

  • An improved notification system in NP-Live
  • The ability to easily share, transfer, and export workspaces in NP-Live
  • Enhanced risk alerts and summary reports in NP-Live

Sign in to the Portal to the Portal to download NP-View 6.2.4 or NP-Live 2.1 today.

Support & Training Resources

If you ever have a technical question, please reach out to us at or call us at 872-245-4102. Our software is built to be easily supported, and we are always happy to help.

NP-View II

The 2nd generation of NP-View removes the dependency on Java and introduces a more intuitive and elegant user interface that is based on HTML5. 

NP-View II went through extensive internal testing to ensure robustness and ease-of-use. We are currently soliciting a limited number of customers to preview NP-View II.

If you are interested, please contact us, at

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