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NP-Live has a powerful (actually magical) search capability available in the upper left corner.  This section describes some of the frequently used searches. Items in “quotes” are search terms, items in [] are device or other configuration parameters.

UX Controls

Function Example
“help” or “support” Show the Support center
“hotkey(s)” Show the Shortcut keys
“import” Show the Import data panel
“log(s)” Show System Log
“task(s)” Show Background tasks
“change(s)” Show Track changes
“clear” Clear selections and highlights

Analysis Tools

Function Example
“object(s)”; then select device to view Show the Object group table for selected device
“rule(s)”; then select device to view Show the Rule table for selected device
“asset(s)” or “inventory” Show the Asset inventory
“path” or “connectivity” or “flow” Show the Path table for the selection
“path” or “connectivity” or “flow” + [device] Show the path table with paths that pass through or include [device]
“object” or “rule” or “asset” or “flow” + string Search in the corresponding table for the string
“network access overview” (aka highlight paths) Show the network access overview
“service” or “port” or “network access overview” + [service/port] Show paths that use [service/port]
“path(s)” from [device/#] to [device/#] Show paths between, to, or from devices
[string] Search for string in configuration files

Device Info

Function Example
[zone] Select a zone
[device] Select a device
“ruleset(s)” + [device] Show a device’s native ruleset (configuration) file
“grade” + [device] Show a device’s risk assessment grading
“risk” or “alert” + [device] Show a device’s risk alerts
“vulnerability” or “vulnerabilities” + [device] Show a device’s vulnerabilities
Search Bar String – Power User Function  
[device] + SHIFT + click or SHIFT + enter Add device to current selection



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